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    Virtual Photography by the Avatars of Angel Kingmaker and Shakti Adored

    The Story of The Trinity


    The story of the Trinity Dawn, Shakti and Angel

    Shakti Adored and Angel Kingmaker are not just the virtual avatars that live in Second Life Virtual reality world and take pictures. They are a part of Dawn and allowed Dawn to journey and evolve.


    Second Life became a part of Dawn's life when her ex-husband went to Iraq the second time in 2007. There she found other military wives going through the same thing as she was. It was incredible to find a support system in virtual reality. The diversity of experience there was rich, fluid and constant as Second Life is created constantly by the people, not the company who owns

    this grid. The objects and the experiences are all created by the people.

    Dawn threw herself deep into this world. She began dabbling in creating objects too. In the early days primitive shapes were the building material, but this eventually evolved to what we called sculpts and then mesh, which has created a very realistic

    environment. But besides that, there are at any given time over 50,000 people around the world logged in and doing something somewhere. Building a new place, hosting events, opening clubs, coffee shops and shopping malls and so much more. The creativity goes on and on.


    Dawn eventually started taking photographs in Second Life, not just screen shots, photos with a in viewer camera that she could control and angle to take any kind of picture she wanted. Something else occurred as well, Dawn became Angel Kingmaker.


    Angel Kingmaker opened her first gallery in 2011 named Angelwood Bay Arts Center.It was a massive 22 gallery space complex where she hosted other artists and charity events regularly. Dawn knew she was identifying deeply with Angel Kingmaker but she wouldn't fully realize for a few years that this new life set her free in a way she was not free in real life. Dawn was in a very controlling marriage where she was literally treated like and called a slave. Her husband feared that her creativity would take her away from him. In fact he hated Second Life and Dawn had to hide from him how big her art and curating career had become. Virtual space in Second Life is not free and maintaining the large art complex was expensive which Dawn's husband would

    not support. Other people believed in Angel though and she had financial backers for three years before Angelwood Bay Arts Center and Angel Kingmaker came to an end.


    This was heartbreaking for Dawn and she took some time away. This culminated with the end of her marriage as well. The life that Dawn had created as Angel Kingmaker and her ability to express herself artistically assisted Dawn deeply in finally having the courage to end the destructive marriage.


    In 2014 Dawn reemerged in Second Life as Shakti Adored. At first she just opened a small gallery of her own work called The Pearl Gallery. As Shakti reached out to her old art connections she discovered she was more appreciated than she realized and soon was curating three of the top virtual galleries in Second Life, eventually receiving an award for best gallery.


    Dawn felt the artwork she began to produce as Shakti was better

    than before. She finally felt like she was getting deeper. There were techniques and concepts that she started to become aware of in her self exploration. Aware of her internal freedom and entrapment that drive her to reach for feeling in her work. Often she just reaches for some soothingly beautiful fantasy and although she accomplishes that she is not satisfied. She can not help herself but to continue to dig for what else is in there. Shakti searches Second Life for places and things and people that she recognizes parts of herself in. And Dawn mixes that up with digital paint and layers to express her experiences and feelings both from her old life as a

    domestic slave housewife and as an adventurer in Second Life. Dawn, Angel and Shakti are one but are distinct in their experiences; merging real and cyber life into a trinity consciousness.

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